Integrity Life Skills & Recovery Center is an Intensive Outpatient Program,  providing services for addiction and co-occurring disorders. We will start taking clients January 1, 2018!


Integrity Life Skills and Treatment Center is a treatment facility offered through Re-Entry Solutions for people struggling with substance abuse. Appointments can be set up via phone, email, or referral for an assessment to establish specialized treatment plans for each individual. We integrate job readiness to employment with a holistic approach as part of the treatment component. We hope to provide the tools needed to lead our members towards a path of sobriety, success, and better quality of life.



Integrity saves lives and families from substance abuse by helping you become productive members of society: sober, housed, and employed



  • All persons deserve to be treated with dignity and respect

  • Recovery is obtained with practice of strong spiritual principles and dependence on Higher Power

  • Long term sobriety and independent living is obtained and maintained with a strong support system, spiritual connecting, employment, and stable housing

  • Confidentiality among staff and clients

  • Offering a "hand up", not a "hand out"

  • Integrity and hard work help solidify the roots of success


Fulfilling Your Purpose

One of the key elements of a flourishing, fulfilling life is a sense of purpose that allows us to find our passions, pursue important goals, and ultimately live lives of authentic happiness. We all want to live a life of purpose, the key is to figure out what in life creates meaning for you, and then creating goals and behaviors that support your intentions.


Behavorial Health Services include:

 + Pre-Treatment assessment

 + Medical History and Physical Examination

 + Individualized Treatment Planning

 + Group Therapy

 + Individual Therapy

+ Special Group Focused Therapy

+ Family Therapy

+ Career Readiness

+ AA/NA Support Groups

Eligibility for admission will be based upon assessment by program staff and physician.